Electric Bike with Powerful high-torque 750 watt motor 18 AH and dual 18 AH (36 AH total) battery options  Large display for all your important information Motorcycle grip half twist throttle Powerful front and rear hydraulic brakes 6-speed Shimano drive train 20" x 4" On/Off road tires  Motorcycle style front headlight Rear tail light with running and braking modes Comfortable custom saddle Front and rear suspension


Reach Your Destination on the new Cafe Classic from RYD Electric



Powerful 750 Watt Motor

High torque brushless electric motor gets you where you need to be. Up hills and across town this motor will handle whatever you can throw at it.

Loads Of Battery

18 and 36 AH battery options make sure you can reach your destination on your RYD Electric bike.

Full Suspension

Front and rear suspension smooths out the bumps in the road ahead.

Dual Hydraulic Brakes

Front and rear hydraulic brakes give you all the stopping power needed to safely get around town.